With the rising popularity of web sites on the Internet it is now more important than ever to capture the attention of your clients with dynamic, updated information. Web Blog Sites are designed around the concept of allowing you to quickly update and maintain them. Keep existing and potential clients coming back to your web site by providing commentary and news about the real estate market in your local area. Use audio, video, images, text, or links to make your content engaging and relevant. Use Web Blog Site to build a community around your profession and give you a voice in the ever-changing world of real estate.

Rich Editing

Web Blog Site makes blogging just like writing an email and gives you multiple options to author your content. There is no need for HTML knowledge, because we provide a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that is user-friendly and intuitive.

Personalized Masthead

Give your site the next level of personalization with a custom masthead. Create your own unique masthead with your logo, photo, title, contact info with our easy step-by-step process that automatically inserts into your site.

Featured Listings

Add up to 4-featured listings. These listings will be displayed on your site's sidebar as a widget. Your listings can be updated at any time with our quick and easy tool.
*Featured Listings can be added for $4.95.

Professional Templates

With Web Blot Site, you won't have to worry about the tedious task of designing your own web site, Web Blog Site gives you access to a collection of professionally designed templates for your site that can be changed with the click of a mouse. Sidebar widgets add further customization to your site by allowing you to add features like Quick Connect, listings, links, and more.

Multiple Authors.

Want to start a brokerage or company site? Your site can have as many authors as you want, all with unique login IDs and profiles. You can give access rights on a per author basis, giving you complete control over who can edit your site.

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