Any Presentations Corporate Accounts are a great opportunity to deploy our e-Newsletter service across your brokerage's entire agent base at discounted pricing. Whether your brokerage has 10 agents or 5,000 agents, we can meet your marketing needs.

We setup a corporate account with your branding and no setup charges. With data provided by your website, we generate a monthly e-Newsletter for your entire agent for as low as $1.99 per agent in the form of a 6 month contract. Best of all, we will let you try the service free for 2 months. The e-Newsletter would be sent to each agent once monthly for the agent to then forward to their client base. This is a more streamlined option and our most popular for corporate accounts as the agent does not have to be involved in the setup process.

Samples of Corporate e-Newsletters: View Sample 1 - View Sample 2 - View Sample 3

Custom Solutions
Any Presentations will work with you directly to create a solution custom tailored to your brokerage.

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