Tips & Tricks Real Estate Report October 2012
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The National Housing Market Continues to Improve

Mortgage rates have reached record lows, making home ownership more affordable than ever before. Americans considering buying a home should feel secure about investing in real estate; the housing market is continuing to improve.

July saw an increase in both the number of homes sold and the number of contracts signed. The number of total existing home sales rose to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.47... Read More
Home Decor Evolution: Trends to Try for an Instant Update

Gone are the days when a stylish home and a busy family have to be mutually exclusive. Home decorating is hotter than ever and everyone is getting in on the trend.

With an ever-increasing focus on DIY design projects, resources such as shelter magazines, design blogs, TV shows and online home decor retailers are making high design accessible to any homeowner. If your budget doesn't include hiring an interior decorator to update your decor... Read More
5 Ways to Make Real Estate Affordable

With rents rising rapidly, the appeal of leasing is waning. Meanwhile, ultra-low interest rates and deeply discounted properties make buying an appealing option. Here are some ways you can buy property, even if your income is low or your credit isn't perfect.

Consider a duplex or triplex. Duplexes usually cost less per square foot than single-family homes, and the rent from the extra unit can make monthly... Read More
The Pros and Cons of Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

When it was revealed that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had refinanced his home with an adjustable-rate mortgage, many people could not figure out what was more shocking: a multibillionaire taking out a loan on a $7 million house or the 1.05 percent interest rate that Zuckerberg received on the loan.

With interest rates at historic lows, adjustable-rate mortgages do not seem to offer much of an advantage for potential home buyers. Of course, for someone as rich as Zuckerberg, the risks are essentially nonexistent. If interest rates suddenly spiked, he could easily pay off the mortgage; alternatively, he would benefit from significantly below-market interest payments if rates... Read More
Fresh Scents Make Your Home Seem Welcoming

Test your home's aroma by going outside for at least ten minutes, and then re-enter with your olfactory senses on high alert. What strikes your nose first? Visitors make snap judgments, sometimes subliminally, based on what they smell as they walk through your front door. Any effort to improve the visual greeting will crumble a bit in the face of unpleasant odors. Read on for the best way to create a welcoming aromatic atmosphere.

Identify, Eradicate, Cleanse
Once you've received a bad odor diagnosis in your home, search for the source. Common culprits for a stinky atmosphere include fetid garbage, cigarette smoke... Read More

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