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National Home Sales Remain Above Year-Ago Levels

When it comes to predicting immediate future sales, economists rely on the Pending Home Sales Index. It tracks the number of contracts in the housing market, not closings. And while July's pending home sales were down a slight 1.3 percent, they were still 6.7 percent above last year's level. What's more, for the past 27 months the index has stayed above year-ago levels

Rising Mortgage Rates
The slight dip in the index can be blamed... Read More
More Housing Markets Listed as Improving in September

Some metropolitan areas across the country were hit by the housing crisis harder than others. Residents in one region of the country might have seen the value of their home slashed in half, while city dwellers in another region saw their home retain its pre-crisis value. Recent news shows that when it comes to the housing market recovery, signs of improvement can be seen almost... Read More
How to Paint a Room: A Simple Guide for Beginners

A good paint job completely revitalizes a room; but a bad paint job is obvious to anyone. Streaks, drips, and rough spots make the room look sloppy. But you don't have to be a professional to get a professional-quality paint job. Follow the steps below and your walls should look perfect.
  • 1. Remove all switch and outlet plates. After you remove the screws from the plates... Read More
What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Home Mortgage

A home mortgage is an agreement between a borrower and a lender that the borrower will pay back the mortgage loan with a pre-determined amount of interest. Until the loan is completely paid off, the mortgage lender owns the home and allows the borrower to occupy it. After the mortgage is paid, the borrower owns the home outright.

There are several types of mortgages from which to choose:

• fixed mortgages
• adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs)
• balloon mortgages... Read More

5 Updates that Add Space to a Bathroom

Bathroom renovations have become very popular over the last decade. And there are more and more options available—some at considerable expense. The bathroom has inspired a long list of design innovations. Here are the top five renovation ideas that you should consider when redoing your bathroom.

1. Sliding bathroom door.
A door that slides into the wall cavity saves space, because it's not necessary to leave sufficient space inside the bathroom for a hinged door to swing open. It's a cool feature that offers visitors a first taste of the style of your modern bathroom.

2. Shelving built into the walls.
Whether it's in the form of inset shelves for shampoo and soap... Read More
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