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Six Things to Expect from Your Home Inspection

Home inspections aren't just for first-time home buyers and those purchasing foreclosures—really, everyone should know what to expect from their new home before they sign on the dotted line. Hiring a home inspector gives buyers confidence. Fortunately for buyers, qualified real estate agents are connected with professional home inspectors. Most home inspections are full of teachable moments that can help homeowners prioritize their routine home-maintenance dollars... Read More
Low Inventory Drives National Home Prices Higher

The busy spring buying season is almost at hand; unfortunately, current supply levels are too low to meet demand. By the end of January, total housing inventory rose to 1.82 million existing homes available for sale, an increase of 3.4 percent. This is 2.2 percent lower than a year ago. At the current sales pace, it would take four months for today's inventory to sell. With demand outstripping supply, it is a seller's market. Prices are up considerably when compared to... Read More
5 Smart Upgrades for the Most-used Rooms in your Home

Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are typically the rooms in any home that get the most use, which could also be why homeowners, when surveyed, consistently cite those rooms as the ones they most want to renovate. It makes perfect sense to upgrade the rooms where you spend the most time, but in high-traffic areas, you can't afford to make changes just for the sake of cosmetics. You want improvements that can enhance your enjoyment of a room... Read More
Tips to Transform Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom need updating? Here are some renovation ideas to transform your bathroom into a modern, comfortable space. Like any other home improvement project, it's important to plan ahead, set a realistic budget, choose quality materials, and hire a qualified contractor, if needed.

Elegant Fixtures
Instead of having a chunky cabinet vanity, choose a pedestal sink with sleek lines. Add modern fixtures and fittings to contrast earthy elements in your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, focus on simple structures and clean lines to make the area look more... Read More

Tips to Tackle Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning your entire home can be an overwhelming task, but by dedicating just one hour a day, you can successfully clean your home in small, manageable sections. Here are four ways you can spring clean in one hour a day.

1. Tackle One Area
It's easy to get distracted when spring cleaning. You begin cleaning the bathroom then somehow end up going through drawers in the bedroom! Begin by deciding on one area to clean, then stay in that area until it is finished. Keep a basket and garbage bag nearby. Items that don't belong in that area go into the basket to be put away later. When you're done decluttering your designated area, wipe down surfaces, dust, and vacuum.

2. Consider Calling a Professional
Make a list of large jobs... Read More
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