House and Home September 2020
Now Is a Great Time to List
Your Home for Sale

The pandemic may have caused a decline in existing-home sales across the country over the past three months, but according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), sales rebounded in June. What's more, every sales region in the country experienced month-over-month sales increases, with the West seeing the most improvement. If you are considering putting your home on the market, here are five reasons... Read More
These Home Decor Items Are Worth Splurging On

Investing in some high-quality decorative pieces will add that atmosphere of polished flair to your home that everyone wants. Here are some splurge-worthy home decor ideas that make up for the extra expense with style points:

Invest In a High-End Piece
A single classy piece brings a room up a notch instantly—even if it costs as much... Read More
What's Your Backyard Design Personality?

The backyard isn't at the top of most homeowner's home-design plans, which may be a good thing. Because when it comes to designing outdoor living space, you'll want to have a well-developed decor style. Here are design elements that appeal to six different personalities:

The Traditionalist: Classic Comfort
What is the primary purpose of a patio? A place for sitting and relaxing... Read More
Here's Why You Should Get Preapproved Before House Hunting

Applying for a mortgage may not be as fun as looking through listings to find your dream home, but getting your financing approved is the first step in the house-hunting process. It's important to do more than just get an online quote from a mortgage lender. You should enter the house-hunting process with a preapproval letter in hand. Here's why:

You'll Know Your Price Range
Finding out the cost of a house you can afford will save you from shopping for homes that are outside your budget, and you'll also know what loans you qualify for. There are zero down... Read More
Five Natural Ways to Help Boost Your Immune System

Everyone knows it's important to eat healthy and stay active to keep yourself at peak health. However, not many people take into account the ways they could add immune boosting to their routines. Our body's immune system fights off germs and viruses to help us quickly recover from illnesses. Here are some common-sense immune-boosting tips to add to your routine:

Get Your Beauty Rest
Sleep deficiency is linked to higher probabilities of contracting illnesses, so make sure you're getting enough rest. Adults should sleep a minimum of seven hours every night... Read More
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