Tips & Tricks Real Estate Report November 2014
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Fewer Cash Investors, Distressed Home Sales Decline

Distressed homes accounted for only eight percent of all home sales in August. Six percent of sales were foreclosures, while only two percent were short sales. This is the second straight month the number of distressed homes remained in the single digits. A year ago, distressed homes represented 12 percent of the market. And fewer distressed homes available for sale led to higher prices; foreclosures sold on average 14 percent below market value... Read More
Thanksgiving Day Shortcuts to Help the Holiday Host

If you're in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year, use these shortcuts to cut down on time and mess. These tips will help you create an impressive feast with less stress.

Painless Potatoes
If you're making mashed potatoes, consider skipping the tedious peeling step—as you know, most of the nutrients are in the potato skin. It's all a matter of preference, but mashed potatoes can taste good with skins... Read More
Thanksgiving Recipe: Homemade Cranberry Sauce

For the holidays you'll draw up lists of ingredients. You'll bake pies and other desserts. You'll spend all day in the kitchen roasting and basting. You'll choose colorful root vegetables to prepare. You'll whisk gravy made from scratch. And will you merely open a can of cranberries?

Try making your own cranberry sauce this time and you will never go back to the canned kind. You can make it ahead of time, up to a week if you like... Read More
3 Reasons to Keep Your Home Listed During the Holidays

As the holidays approach, home sellers are often tempted to take their homes off the market until spring—or even wait until spring to list. After all, buyers are too busy now to search for houses, right? In a word, no. As a rule, you should list your home when you want to sell it, not when you think it will sell, because no one can predict with any certainty when the right buyer might show up at your door. In fact, canceling or postponing your listing may actually prove counterproductive. Here are three reasons why:

1. Motivated Buyers
Buyers who take time from their holiday preparations—and their... Read More

Five Surprising Things that Don't Impact Your Credit Score

When becoming informed about what affects your credit score, it's just as important to know the things that don't have an impact on your credit score—either positive or negative—as it is to understand the factors that can help or hurt your credit. Here is a look at five things that surprisingly won't affect your credit rating.

1. Certain Monthly Payments
Paying your rent and utilities on time, won't help or hurt your credit. However, if you fall so far behind on payments that you are sent to a collections agency it will have a negative affect on your credit rating.

2. Bank Overdraft Fees
Accidentally charging too much on your debit card can be a pain... Read More
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