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Instantly Elevate Your Living Room Style with These Decor Tips
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Improve your living room for less than you may think. Here are some ideas to get started.

Consider the Focus
A room may look cluttered and unattractive because it lacks focus. Decide what the focal point of the room was meant to be when the house was constructed. If there is a fireplace, use it as your point of focus. Arrange the furniture so that it flows in the direction of the hearth. Add some charm to the top of the mantle with some artwork, vases, or a mirror.

Arrange Your Artwork
Artwork hung haphazardly on the walls will make a room look disorderly. The same pictures will look much better grouped in a coherent design. To test your photo or art groupings, try arranging them on the floor until you find a composition that works.

Use Curtains, Not Blinds
Blinds can be inexpensive, but they can also look cheap. White plastic blinds give a sterile, low-quality look to a room. Remember, window treatments are a type of decoration, and they can set the whole tone for a room. Switching your blinds for curtains will help soften up a room's edges and add a pop of color.

Think About the Art of Area Rugs
A quick way to add color to a bland room is to put down an area rug—it is even okay to layer rugs over carpet. Rugs provide you with a lot of different color and design choices, so pick a rug that works with the wall color and the furniture that is already in the room.

Change the Light Fixtures
Old light fixtures can make a whole room look dated. These fixtures can also make a room look dreary since they may be inefficient. Change out all the fixtures in a room for an instant transformation.

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