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Five Things to Do One Month Before Moving
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Moving always seems stressful, but getting a head start on the moving process will relieve some of that stress. About one month prior to the big move, start planning by acting on these five tips.

1. Downsize Your Possessions
Unless you live a minimalist lifestyle, you probably have too much stuff. Right before you move is a perfect time to rid yourself of unnecessary possessions. Sort your clothes, personal items, furniture, collectibles, and everything else you own into one of three categories: save, throw away, or sell/donate. Group the sell/donate items together and have a garage sale or donate them to your favorite nonprofit.

2. Arrange Your Move
Consider your options for how you will move to your next location. If your employer is covering your moving expenses, make sure to have everything in place for the moving company, including the date of your move and payment policy. However, if you are paying for the move, then you can reserve a moving truck and ask friends to help or do a cost comparison of local moving companies and select one to do the work for you.

3. Get Packing Materials
Proper packing materials are essential to keep items secure. Buy packing tape and cardboard boxes in varying sizes. To protect breakable items, youíll need lots of Bubble Wrap or other cushioning, such as bath towels, bedding, or small throw rugs. Crumpled newspaper is an inexpensive way to protect fragile items.

4. Start Emptying Your Fridge
About a month before your anticipated move date begin using up items in your pantry and refrigerator. Avoid the temptation to buy more nonperishable food items, such as cereals or canned goods. Take inventory of the foods in your freezer, as well as refrigerated items, and plan to cook and eat what you already have. An empty refrigerator is easier to clean, and youíll be saving money on groceries.

5. Start Packing Right Away
Start packing about four weeks prior to your move date. Begin with items you donít use daily, such as framed pictures, wall decor, collectibles, and knickknacks. Pack up seasonal bedding, clothing, and shoes. Move on to small kitchen appliances and dishes you wonít need for a few weeks. Create a packing schedule to keep yourself on track; to avoid becoming overwhelmed, consider packing one hour every evening instead of cramming too much on the weekends.

Starting the moving process ahead of time will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and allow you to focus on other items that will require your attention as you approach your moving day.

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