House and Home November 2020
Add Cozy, Natural Appeal to Your Kitchen with These Decor Trends
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The kitchen is a great place to spend time with family and friends, and the warmer and more inviting it is, the better. Here are some trendy ways to add natural appeal to your kitchen:

Feature Wood
If your home already has wooden beams installed, then stripping these down and staining them adds instant character. But if you’re not so lucky, it’s easy to install decorative beams in any room. If done carefully, they’ll look natural and add character. Hardwood flooring in dark or light shades adds a sense of warmth, but if your kitchen is on the smaller side, opt for a lighter shade to keep it from feeling closed in.

Stone Surfaces
A stone floor is even more impressive than hardwood. Slate, granite, or other stone materials all make excellent, hard-wearing choices that are worth the cost of installation. Countertops made from granite or poured concrete are durable and also add a rustic, natural feel.

Display Kitchen Accessories
Beautiful wood cutting boards, serving bowls, and utensils set out in the open add charm to a kitchen, even if they are mostly used only for display purposes. Copper pots, pans, and utensils all look great hanging from an overhead or wall-mounted pot rack.

Glass Storage Jars
If you have the space for open shelving, storing dried goods such as beans, grains, and spices in glass jars looks authentically rustic and is also practical.

Bring Nature Indoors
Not all plants can handle the heat and humidity of a busy kitchen, but a few robust houseplants help to soften the lines of work surfaces and cabinets. Other natural decor ideas include hanging up decorative bunches of dried herbs and threaded spirals of garlic bulbs or chili peppers, or setting up a corner vase filled with attractive dried twigs and fall flowers.

Atmospheric Lighting
Diffused lighting from several smaller sources adds more atmosphere than a single bright light. And of course, you can use focused LED task lighting for work surfaces.

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