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Tips for Hanging New Curtains
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When it comes to home décor, curtains are an important aspect in any room in your home. They help bring more color or texture to the space and really tie a room together. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes many people make when buying or hanging their curtains. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Not Measuring the Windows
If you're planning on buying new curtains, don't just assume a standard-size curtain panel is going to work. Measure the width and the length of every single window to get the right size. Write the details down on paper, taking note of the window's size and its location.

Hanging Curtains from the Top Edge of the Windows
Another common mistake people make with curtains is hanging them too low. Hanging the curtains from the top edge of the window makes the room look smaller. Instead, if you hang the curtains higher and closer to the ceiling, it will carry the eyes upward and make the ceilings appear taller and the room seem larger. Of course, this means you'll need to take measurements from the ceiling, and not just the top of the window, to get them long enough.

Not Ironing the Curtains
No matter how straight the curtains look when you get them out of the package, you need to iron them before hanging them up. There is likely a crease from how it was folded in the package, so that needs to be ironed out first. It is also good to iron the rest of the curtain, both on the front and back, because this helps it hold its shape and avoid wrinkling while it is hanging over the window.

Limiting Yourself to One Color or Style
Remember that there is nothing wrong with mixing and matching your curtains. If you have an extra-wide window or sliding glass doors, you can use different types of panels on those windows. For example, if there is room for four panels, consider two solid panels on the inside, then two striped or patterned panels on the outside.

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