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How to Create Cohesive Décor for Your Home
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The décor of your home is not something that has to be simply one style or another but can be a beautiful mixture of many different styles. For instance, a few modern accents can be incorporated into a traditional style to create a style of its own. The trick is knowing how to pull it all together. By following a few tips, you can bridge the gap between styles to create a flowing room.

Choose a Focal Point
First and foremost, choose a focal point for your room. This can be a painting, fireplace, large window, or anything else you want to draw attention to. The rest of the room will revolve around that focal point. When someone enters the room, the focal point will be the first thing they see. If possible, the focal point should be in direct line of sight when entering the room. 

Use Colors to Create Conformity
Though the styles may differ greatly, furniture pieces may still be pulled together through the use of common colors. Even if it is simply a few multicolored throw pillows strategically placed, as long as those little pillows combine the colors of your sofa and love seat, for example, it will bring cohesion to the room. A patterned rug is another example of an easy way to pull together different colors.

Buy Items in Pairs
One simple way to create balance is to incorporate multiple similar objects into the décor. For example, you can place a set of similar vases or matching lamps throughout your room to tie it all together. You could also try placing matching armchairs on either side of a nonmatching sofa. You just need to add a few little touches to trick the eye into focusing on what is the same, rather than on what is different.

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