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Five Handy Tips for Decluttering
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There are plenty of reasons to declutter. Getting rid of excess stuff can free up space, make it easier to stay organized, save time, and eliminate stress. Here are five handy tips to help you declutter and reclaim your life from the burden of too much stuff.

1. Ask Why
If you feel like you should hold on to something, ask yourself why. Do you really need it? Do you use it regularly? Do you enjoy it? Is it practical to keep? Is it truly something sentimental? Are you keeping it out of fear or guilt? When you analyze why you feel inclined to keep something, oftentimes you realize it's better to let it go. Or, you'll at least walk away with a better understanding of the object's meaning and why you're keeping it.

2. Scan It
Scan your old photo albums to make digital copies that you can store on your computer for safekeeping and sharing. Even if you keep the physical albums, having digital copies as a backup is always wise in case something happens. Have old magazines you keep for a single article, or newspaper clippings you just can't live without? Make digital copies so that you can dispose of the physical, space-consuming ones.

3. Use the Box Method
Focus on filling up one box at a time with things to either donate or throw out. This is a great way to make progress while having a tangible goal that keeps you from feeling overwhelmed.

4. Stack and Label
Do you have small stuff you use only once in a while, but don't have any place to put it? Buy several large plastic storage tubs and stuff them full. Then find an out-of-the-way spot (a laundry room or behind a door) and stack them to the ceiling. Sure, it's not an elegant solution, but it does let you store a lot of stuff in relatively little floor space. Just be sure to label each container so you know what's inside. This is especially useful for storing out-of-season clothing.

5. Take a Picture
If you have something that you feel semi-sentimental about, and you're torn over whether or not to get rid of it, then take a photo of it to have as a keepsake. Most of the time, looking at a photo is nearly as good as the thing itself, and it's a whole lot easier to store.

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