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Smart Ideas for How to Store Your Extra Bathroom Items
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Along with its daily use, the bathroom comes with a lot of stuff—towels, hair products, and more. Most bathrooms aren’t equipped with efficient storage, so utilizing available space is key. Try these ideas:

Do-It-Yourself Storage Solutions 

  • Install a wall cabinet. This can be placed over the toilet in a small space or on any convenient wall that puts bathroom items within easy reach.

  • Crate shelving serves up chic and effective storage, especially when it’s hung on the wall. Crates can be purchased from a craft store, painted, and utilized to store towels, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and more.

  • If you have the floor space, a free-standing unit is a great option for bathroom storage. A storage ladder is both workable and stylish, and it can be painted to complement your decor.

  • Use floor baskets to store towels and cleaning supplies if space permits. Consider stacking baskets with lids.

Under-the-Sink Organization
For many, bathroom storage lies under the sink. If that’s all the available space, use it wisely and stay on top of clutter.

  • Bins are a perfect pick for under-the-sink storage. Purchase bins with plastic dividers that allow for stacking. Stay organized by adding labels, such as “Makeup,” "First Aid,” and “Hair.”

  • Hang a pocket organizer that fits on the inside of the cabinet door. Use it to organize small items such as hair accessories and soap.

  • Install command hooks on the insides of cabinet doors to hang cleaning tools or other supplies.

  • Hang wire baskets on the insides of vanity doors; these are ideal for storing lotion or shampoo. ?

Shower Clutter Solutions
When it comes to shower storage, up is best; most organizers attach to the shower nozzle or the wall. Another idea is to hang a mesh pocket organizer on the inside of your shower curtain via the shower rod to store some lightweight items. Use caution, as heavy objects will cause it to fall.

Not ready for a bathroom remodel? Use these simple storage solutions to keep your bathroom organized and functional.

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