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How to Maximize Landscaping in Tiny Backyards
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If you live in an urban area, you might be limited on space in your backyard. Whether you are challenged with minimal sunlight, not much ground to work with, or a fenced-in area, you still have landscaping potential to transform your tiny backyard. Here are four landscaping tips:

1. Portable Pots
If you can incorporate movable planter boxes and pots into your yard, you can transform a cement or wooden patio into a greenery oasis. Planters that are smaller or equipped with wheels can make these pots more mobile, which can easily be rearranged at any time. This will also give sensitive plants an advantage, as they can be moved around for sunlight or weather purposes as needed.

2. Vertical Gardening
If you are limited on outdoor square footage and would rather use this space for patio furnishings, this doesn't mean you have to skimp on the plants. Take advantage of adjacent walls and fences and build your garden up these available spaces. There are hanging planters designed for walls, or plants like flowering vines can be secured in planter boxes to climb up vertical lattices covering walls or fences.

3. Go for Clean Lines
If your small yard is becoming a jumble of various plants, outdoor equipment, and mismatched furnishings, this can make a small space feel even more crowded. Keep tables and walkways clear of excess clutter and yard equipment. If you can find a storage bin that can double as a drink stand or bench, you can hide gardening equipment and keep your yard neat and streamlined.

4. Plants That Thrive in Shade
If your yard is surrounded by tall buildings or fences, you might not be getting much sun throughout the day. Ferns, lilies, and bamboo are great candidates for shady spots?and there are plenty more shade-loving plants to bring greenery to your small yard. Your local plant store might have some specific varieties that are native to your area as well.

Working with a smaller yard space might cause some limitations, but by using a little more creativity than traditionally landscaped spaces, you can really maximize the space you have available. Think outside the box to create a beautiful garden right in your backyard.

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